Shycocan – Virus Attenuating Device

Shycocan – Virus Attenuating Device


The virus of the current pandemic has a positive charged shell while the human cell membrane is negatively charged. Due to the opposite charge, the virus is able to infect the human cells and cause the infection. Shycocan disrupts this mechanism by neutralising the positive charge and disabling the ability of the virus to attach itself to a host cell. Shycocan produces photons of high intensity that emit electrons upon striking aerosol, suspended particles. A single device has an effective coverage area up to 1000 square feet and larger areas may use multiple devices. Shycocan has a long lifespan, requires minimal servicing and no consumables and consumes power equal to a 40W light bulb. Shycocan is here to bring your business and life back to normal. It will continue to keep you safe from future pandemics and viral attacks of similar nature.

  • Effectiveness: 99.9%* efficacy against viruses in the current pandemic
  • Dimension: Length – 250mm, Diameter – 260mm
  • Cooling Air: 64 CFM
  • Power Rating: 40 W
  • Coverage Area: 10,000 cubic feet or 1,000 square feet
  • Body Shell: Dielectric material
  • Product Weight (Net/ Gross): 6.5Kgs. max/ 9.5 Kgs. max
  • Installation: Wall Mount type
  • Life Cycle: 5 Years
  • Provided Accessories: Wall mount bracket & mounting screws


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